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Siemens Energy, Inc.

Job: Combustion Mechanical Designer

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Posted: 04/16/2018

Job Status: Full Time

Job Type: Engineering/Architecture

Jobing Description

Combustion Mechanical Designer for Siemens Energy, Inc. (Charlotte, NC) to crdnte mlt-dscplne team on advncd gs trbne cmbstr prttype & prdctn prjcts. Req Mast in Mech Eng or rel + 2 yrs exp in job offd or acc alt occ. Prior exp mst incl dsgn of gs trbne or sim cmpnnts incl eng anlyss exp w/ FEA & CFD & usng crrltn-bsd fluid-mchncs, mxng & heat trnsfr tools to dsgn gs trbne cmpnnts; 3D CAD exp incl Pro Eng; spcfyng drwngs per ANSI Y14.5 or ISO 1101; mnfctre of cmplx prts & fbrctns mde frm stnlss stls or nckl bsd allys; dsgnng prts in hgh vbrtn & hgh temp envir; cmpnnt tstng fr prt qulfctn incl shkr tble or cmbstn tstng; & applyng gs trbne cmbstn & heat trnsfr prncpls. Up to 10% trvl req. Mail resumes: Michael Kellermann, Siemens Corporation, 3850 Quadrangle Blvd., MS: HRS-144, Orlando, FL 32817. Ref: MK/JH. Must be authrzed to wrk in US prmnntly.



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