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Siemens Energy, Inc.

Job: Financial Analyst

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Posted: 04/16/2018

Job Status: Full Time

Job Type: Accounting/Auditing

Jobing Description

Financial Analyst for Siemens Energy, Inc. (Houston, TX) Mmbr of Ltn Amrca Int. Bsnss Team resp fr fnncial rprtng & cntrllng anlyss of Siemns Dstrbtd Gnrtn & Oil & Gas Srvcs bsnss unt. Req Mast in Bsnss, Accntng, Fnnce, or rel + 2 yrs exp in job offd or acc alt occ. Alt, empl wll accpt Bach in abv lstd flds + 5 yrs exp in job offd or acc alt occ. Mst hve 2 yrs exp w/ fllwng sklls: SAP/ SPIRIDON; Sals Frce; oprtnl cntrllng, frcst & plnnng prcss; cst cntr strctrs, cst svngs intiatves & cnsldtng cmplx fnncial rprts; comp sklls usng MS Excl & VBA & othr Offce pltfrms w/ ablty to dvlp cmplx mthmtcl equtns fr mdlng fr rprtng anlyss & frcstng; sklls in anlyss & strtgc plnnng of prfrmnce mtrcs fr oprtng & cptl bdgts & frcst; GAAP and IFRS.   Apprx 10% dom/int trvl req. Mail rsms Michael Kellermann, Siemens Corp, 3850 Quadrangle Blvd., MS: HRS-144, Orlando, FL 32817. Ref MK/JM. Must be authrzed to wrk in US prmnntly.


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