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Job: Medical Coordinator

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

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Jobing Description

RESPONSIBLE TO: Director of Residential Services

MAJOR RESPONSIBILITY: The Medical Coordinator is
responsible for performing a variety of tasks related to medications, attending and making medical/dental appointments, coordination of care with state officially.  Part of the QA team


The Medical Coordinator is responsible for developing a system to help and provide medical services to ensure wellness of residents. He or She will be responsible to maintain the medical information for coordination of care with state officials.


  • Upkeep interpersonal skills
  • Communication and cooperation with peers and other state personnel
  • Accompany and transport residents to activities such as:
  • Medical or dental appointments,  setting up
  • apots and working with transport personnel for care coordination , etc
  • And other assigned activities by Director of Residential Services

Under the direction of a prescribing psychiatrist, responsibilities to include:

  • Monitoring the self-administration of medication to residents per policy
  • Responsible for monitoring health of residents
  • Relaying health information to appropriate staff
  • Maintaining health records, including seizure reports, medication records, changes in medication; wellness of clients; menstrual records, etc.

As the Medical Coordinator, monitor and report resident's progress:

  • Maintain individual records for medical appointments and all wellness of clients. Maintain accurate information for each resident on a daily basis for all activities.
  • Attend ISP meetings for residents as designated
  • Attend scheduled staff meetings as designated
  • Review case records when necessary
  • Maintain communication with all staff to increase awareness of progress and problems with medications or wellness check.
  • Update monthly reports to include changes to medication, wellness, etc.
  • Assists other office personnel in all medical appointments and updates of each client wellness.
  • Professional advancement through a program of self-study to maintain current knowledge of current principles and program development within the professional field


The ability to work with adults whom  exhibit severe behavioral problems and maintain a positive demeanor.

The knowledge of basic behavior modification principles

  • The skills and knowledge to:
  • Protect client rights
  • Provide treatment that promotes client dignity, independence, individuality, strengths, privacy, and choice
  • Recognize common symptoms of mental disorder, personality disorder, or substance abuse
  • Meet the unique needs of the client populations served by the agency 
  • Protect and maintain confidentiality of client records and information
  • Demonstrate cultural competency and diversity appreciation
  • Recognize, prevent, or respond to a resident who may:
  1. Be a danger to self or others
  2. Behave in an aggressive or destructive manner
  3. Need immediate or unscheduled behavior health services
  4. Need immediate medical services
  5. Be experiencing a crisis situation
  6. Ability to access community services and resources
  7. Keep records and documentation of all medical needs of each resident.

Demonstration ethical behavior, such as staff and resident boundaries and the inappropriateness of receiving gratuities from a resident
Identify types of medications commonly prescribed for mental disorders, personality disorders, substance abuse, and common side effects and reactions to medications. Teaching clients about their prescribed medications and the side effects.

HOURS OF WORK: Forty (40) hours per week; exempt position.


Skills / Requirements


Must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age and have a minimum of:

1. Bachelors Degree in the social sciences and/or (3) years experience as an admin personnel; medical assistant; caregiver with admin experience.
2. Additionally, he/she must posses the personal characteristics necessary to effectively maintain a good relationships with state officials, Staff and persons with emotional challenges

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