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About Us

  • Founded


  • Industry

    Private Practice, Family & Home Health Services

  • Company Size

    500-999 employees

  • Headquarters

    Tucson, AZ

AIRES is committed to providing person-centered services of the highest quality to children and adults with disabilities, as well as the elderly. Founded by Vivian Taylor in 1978, AIRES is proud to serve over 400 people across the state of Arizona.

Hiring good candidates is key to our quest of providing legendary services. To make that happen, we have a thorough hiring and training process that includes interviews, a pre-hire site visit, background check, new employee orientation, and additional, on-going training.??

We begin by searching for candidates that exhibit four essential traits:??

  1. Caring — Are they kind, compassionate, empathetic, understanding of others??
  2. Capable — Are they willing, competent, interested, teachable??
  3. Respectful — Are they considerate, polite, thoughtful, mindful of others??
  4. Responsible — Do they understand what it means to be accountable, trustworthy?

We know that candidates that possess these traits are likely to be excellent caregivers and role models. We believe that our consumers deserve to have caregivers that have a passion for their job and are willing to provide diligent care that is mindful of their needs and sees them as a person.

If you have an interest in caring for others and helping them to overcome obstacles and barriers, then you should seriously consider working with the developmentally disabled.