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Invent the future with Amazon

Invention comes in many forms and at many scales. The most radical and transformative of inventions are often those that empower others to unleash their creativity — to pursue their dreams. That’s a big part of what’s going on with Amazon Web Services, Fulfillment by Amazon, and Kindle Direct Publishing... These innovative, large-scale platforms are not zero-sum — they create win-win situations and create significant value for developers, entrepreneurs, customers, authors, and readers.
Jeff Bezos

We Focus On Leadership Growth

Amazon is a $40 billion company growing organically at 30%+ every year. We take a long-term approach to our business growth, and the same long-term approach with people. New-hires start in big, challenging roles, benefit from quality mentorship, and get diverse experience across business lines . Our future depends on your growth, and we invest in creating broad-based, fungible leaders, typically advancing in roles every 18 months.

Amazonians Are Real People

At Amazon, we work alongside wicked smart colleagues who are passionate about their work, and even more so, about life. We are real people with families, friends, and pets, and we love adventures, art, music, food, tinkering... the list goes on. This diversity and personal element is central to our rich "Amazonian Community", which fosters a supportive environment that pushes you to be better, at work and in life.

You Will Be An Owner

At Amazon, we're driven by one thing: customer obsession. The best way to do that is to let some of our most important customers - our employees - have ownership over their work and futures. If there's an opportunity for a new product, we dig-in, scope a solution, and build it. If you find a problem, you are empowered - and expected - to fix it. By owning your work and career here at Amazon, we know you'll grow into an effective leader.

It's Still Day One

Invention is in our DNA and technology is the fundamental tool we wield to evolve and improve every aspect of the experience we provide for customers. We have revolutionized the book, online shopping experience, and cloud computing. But this is just the beginning; there is no physical analogy to describe what Amazon is becoming. You have the opportunity to help create the future for one of the world's most innovative companies.