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Why Queen Creek Unified School District?

On behalf of Queen Creek Unified School District #95, we welcome you to the Queen Creek Schools and our website. Our boundary area includes the Town of Queen Creek and extends north of Williams Gateway to Warner Road and east of Eastmark to Meridian Road. The district encompasses 46 square miles.

Our goal, as a district, is to provide a quality education with the belief that all children can learn. We are proud of the comprehensive pre-k through 12th grade academic programs we offer to meet the needs for all of our students. We have quality programs in regular education, gifted, special education, and early childhood, as well as career and technical, and alternative high school services.


We are a growing district of approximately 7,000 students and are very proud of the high standards of achievement our students and staff have attained. All of our schools have earned either 'A' or 'B' ratings from the Department of Education.

  • Queen Creek High School - State Rating: B
  • Newell Barney Middle School - State Rating: A
  • Queen Creek Middle School - State Rating: A
  • Desert Mountain Elementary School - State Rating: A
  • Frances Brandon-Pickett Elementary School - State Rating: A
  • Jack Barnes Elementary School - State Rating: A
  • Queen Creek Elementary School - State Rating: A
  • Gateway Polytechnic Academy - State Rating: Not available, school opened in 2015


As an innovative, national leader in education, Queen Creek Unified School District inspires and empowers each student to achieve excellence in all pursuits, embrace social and individual responsibility and lead with integrity, achieved through a challenging and comprehensive curriculum provided by distinguished professionals in partnership with our families and community. 


  • We believe that all persons have inherent value and should be treated with dignity.
  • We believe that learning from success and failures creates opportunities for growth.
  • We believe the pursuit of life-long learning is essential for personal development and community growth.
  • We believe that every individual has unique and valuable strengths and perspectives.
  • We believe that trust is vital to develop and maintain healthy relationships.
  • We believe that every individual has the power to affect change in their lives and community.
  • We believe that decisions are best made when all voices are heard and considered.
  • We believe that every person needs to feel safe and the responsibility to ensure safety belongs to every individual.
  • We believe that character development is a partnership between individuals, family, school and community.


Queen Creek is a suburban community in the central part of Arizona. Our town has many amenities for growing families and is a short commute from the Phoenix metropolitan area. We’re proud of our small town feel and family atmosphere—a place where you know your neighbors by name.

Queen Creek School District consists of four kindergarten through 5th grade schools, one kindergarten through 7th grade school, two 6th grade through 8th grade middle schools, and one 9th through 12th grade high school. Our enrollment is approximately 6,000+ students. We offer a quality educational program with our top-notch educators and support staff. Our students continue to exceed state and national score averages on their achievement tests. We are dedicated to providing a challenging learning experience for our students in a caring, supportive environment. Queen Creek is a great place to be!


The town of Queen Creek is rich in history and tradition. From our namesakes—the Silver Queen Mine and Picket Post Creek—to our agricultural ties to the land, Queen Creek still retains the small town, neighborly atmosphere for which it was famous. We are proud of the many programs we offer our students and families here in Queen Creek. Our schools have a reputation for educational excellence, and our state school labels prove it. 

The town of Queen Creek dates back to 1912 when families moved to this area to utilize the fertile soil for farming and when mining in this area provided jobs for many homesteaders. The name “Queen Creek” is a combination of names from Pickett Post Creek and the Silver Queen Mine, which operated near Superior, Arizona, in the early 1900s. The creek originated at the base of the mine and flowed down the mountains through our present day town of Queen Creek. The creek is now dry, but our town has plans for keeping the history of this open space and using it for future recreational trails.

Although our town dates back to 1912, it wasn’t incorporated until 1989 when population growth hastened much needed change. Queen Creek currently has over 24,000 citizens but still retains its small-town feel and charm.